Wart removal - Testers reveal the secret!

Please help!

The problem is, there are many different warts, so they are hard to find the right product that will work for all warts.

I am reviewing many different types of products against warts. Some are very mild warts, some are very aggressive. Some are natural warts that are just as effective, if not more so, than the more toxic, over-the-counter warts. I am also reviewing products that are effective only against warts that have been treated, but not cured. And, I am reviewing several different kinds of treatment, some of which are so strong that you will likely have to try a lot of them before you get better. Please help!

Some products are so effective against warts that some people actually believe that they are warts themselves. This is not the case. For most warts there is nothing that works better than the medication or other treatment currently available. Many of the remedies I review are too strong for a natural warts treatment. However, this is no reason not to try them.

The only warts treatment that I feel is effective is the combination of two other medications which have been approved for this purpose. The medication I used was called "Pyridoxine." I don't know of any other remedies that contain this medication.

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Tala Velazquez

When it comes to wart removal, Papillux often associated with this issue - for what reason? If one ...