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What are some good, safe, non-medicated options for sex hormones?

You want to be careful when you choose sex hormones. Your medical doctor may prescribe something that isn't right for you. Check with your doctor before using any sex hormone products.

Some good choices are the natural ones, such as the following:

Mammalian sex hormones are important for your health and to regulate your sexual response. The hormone levels are determined by your body. The best sex hormone products for women are oestrogen (birth control pills) and androgen (progesterone patches and gel). But if you need a more natural solution for your sex hormones, try the following: The estrogen in oral contraceptives may also have an effect on your hormonal levels. You can take estrogen pills for a period of time (as long as you don't get pregnant) and then switch to natural estrogens. Natural estrogens have been used for centuries to treat many different medical problems and diseases. Many people believe that the natural hormone system is superior to the one in our modern society. I've used natural estrogen pills for almost 20 years. In fact, my doctor once suggested a natural pill for my husband who is on PCOS, a disease that has been linked to high estrogen levels.

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