Cellulite - Testers reveal the secret!

I want to make it clear that all products that have the word "tight" in the description have been tested on my skin by a doctor who is the author of the product's full ingredients list, and has been in contact with the manufacturer. All products are tested for irritation, and are all sold by the manufacturer. A list of products that I have tested, in no particular order, and for which I recommend you try them for tighter skin. For tighter skin, I use: (This list is just a suggestion – it's not a complete list of every product on this site) The best way to see how your skin will respond to a product is to try it on yourself, to see if it makes a difference. There are several skin types – you may have a combination of the following: oily skin, acne prone skin, combination skin, dry skin, normal skin, oily/combination/acne prone skin, dry/normal/acne prone skin. It is very important that you know exactly what your skin's type is, so that you don't make any "bad" choices with your product, and that you know what products to avoid, and which ones are fine for you!

1. Abrasion (I personally use Nivea Anti-Aging Acne Treatment)

A bristle-style brush, (like a toothbrush) and a cotton pad soaked in toner or lotion, will create a perfect blend of the ingredients for a perfect, soft, healthy looking skin.

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Tala Velazquez

For tight skin Skinception very likely the solution par excellence. This is proven by a large numbe...